Cocre8-ers In Action:  USA Mortgage 

Cocre8-ers In Action: USA Mortgage USA Mortgage is an employee-owned mortgage bank based in St. Louis, recognized as a top place to work by local and national media including the St. Louis Business Journal and National Mortgage News. Every employee at USA Mortgage has an ownership stake in the company, so every employee has a vested interest in the company’s growth and success. Reflecting that commitment in the look and feel of a new workspace seemed overwhelming and daunting, so leadership turned to Nathan Maurer and his team at COCRE8

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Three Ways An Air Purifier Makes For Happy Employees And A Productive Office

Three Ways An Air Purifier Makes For Happy Employees And A Productive Office Building employee confidence in your commitment to providing a clean, safe work environment is an important part of returning to the office. One simple, affordable way to assure your employees that you are making every effort to support a healthy work environment is installing an air purifier.  Inexpensive Way to Improve Air Quality  We know we need to wash our hands and clean surfaces but we often overlook the importance of cleaning the air we breathe. An

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Helping A New Business Owner Achieve Her Dream

A talented nurse practitioner wanted to fulfill the dream of owning her own practice. She imagined a striking and glamorous space that reflected the quality and class of her business and clientele. And yet: the space was set up as a Charles Schwab financial office. Racquel needed to completely rethink the flow, the look, the function, even to tear down and put up new walls. Together we partnered with several top designers and providers for the right look and form and feel. We measured the space, created digital renderings, and

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Top US Furniture ManufacturerBuilds Case Study Spotlighting COCRE8 Project

Top US Furniture Manufacturer Builds Case Study Spotlighting Cocre8 Project The Cocre8 Team is honored that one of our top American furniture providers, OFS, chose to highlight a recent design and furnishing project at the 1st Phorm Headquarters. “When we started working with 1st Phorm leadership, their vision, passion, and commitment to create a world-class headquarters inspired us.  We knew this was a special opportunity to breathe their brand essence into the look and feel – and to create a working environment that sparks excellence.  OFS has been a strong

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The World and Workforce is Changing.  Build a Modern Workplace.  Part 2:  Rethink Form and Function

The World and Workforce is Changing. Build a Modern Workplace. Part 2: Rethink Form and Function The modern workforce is changing, with greater value placed on flexibility and meaningful work. To attract and retain top talent, companies need to rethink the workspace they offer employees. An engaging workplace motivates employees to do their best work, resulting in increased productivity. Designing a modern workplace requires research and planning – determining what your employees value and finding the best way to provide that. Don’t spend a fortune on couches and a ping

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The World and Workforce is Changing.  Build a Modern Workplace.  Part 1:  Change Your Mindset

The World and Workforce is Changing. Build a Modern Workplace. Part 1: Change Your Mindset The days of corner offices, mahogany desks, and traditionally structured work days are fading into the past. Today’s employees place value on more than just compensation – they want flexible schedules, benefits and a healthy workplace culture. As a result, companies need to rethink their approach to the workplace. Studies show that people desire jobs that allow them to control their work schedules and the amount of time spent in the office. According to State

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Is Your Company Suffering From the “Productivity Tax”?

Home/Resources/News COCRE8 News Is Your Company Suffering From the “Productivity Tax”?  Posted on September 29, 2020 in: News Six months into the work from home experiment may be proving too much for employers as they begin to see massive declines in productivity from employees who have traditionally worked in the office and are now working from home.  A recent article in the Commercial Observer confirms as much.  This drop in output is being referred to as the “productivity tax” due to many employees feeling exhausted working from home every day and not as motivated

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A Bold View On Office Space

Home/Resources/News COCRE8 News A Bold View On Office Space  Posted on September 15, 2020 in: News MetLife Investment Management (MIM) findings upend conventional wisdom about what might happen to office space demand post-COVID-19. With many companies planning return to office for employees, health considerations may actually lead to a need for more space within those offices.  In this Wall Street Journal article, MetLife Investment Management research believes the office space will certainly look bigger in the future.  To read the full article click here. Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share

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The Post-COVID Office Will Be Very Different

Home/Resources/News COCRE8 News The Post-COVID Office Will Be Very Different  Posted on September 01, 2020 in: News Recently, Diane Hoskins and Andy Cohen (Co-CEO’s from Gensler) were interviewed by Fortune Magazine to discuss what they are working on to “de-densify” future office spaces.  According to their research, only 14% of people want to work from home full-time, suggesting the COVID-19 pandemic has NOT killed the office space.  To read about the big ideas they are working on, click here.   Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on

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