Cocre8-ers In Action: 1st Phorm

1st Phorm Lobby

Explosive growth meant the 1st Phorm headquarters was bursting at the seams and they needed to expand —a challenge that called for seamlessly blending familiarity with collaborative spaces. 1st Phorm worked with Cocre8 to redefine the workspace experience.

Sal Frisella

"It's not easy to make our vision as a company come to life, and Cocre8 did it with ease." ​

Drawing inspiration from their original headquarters, the new building keeps the iconic 1st Phorm branding. Sleek lines, bold typography, and a color palette synonymous with vitality—these elements remain at the core. But this time, they’re infused with a sense of evolution.

“When we built this facility, we wanted to make sure that our culture would speak through the walls,” said Sal Frisella, 1st Phorm Chief Executive Officer. “The executive conference chairs, the fabrics in the seats, the auditorium, the fabrics in the break room, the chairs, all have a touch of our brand.”

Collaboration anchors the design philosophy and 1st Phorm wanted cooperative spaces to exist throughout the building. Careful selection of furniture by Cocre8 led to:

  • Breakout areas serving as hubs for spontaneous brainstorming sessions
  • Collaborative spaces nurturing creativity and fostering camaraderie
  • Open-plan workstations blended with collaborative zones, encourage interaction and innovation

“We worked together to choose furniture pieces that would intertwine functionality and aesthetic appeal, all while incorporating their iconic branding.”

Nathan Maurer

“We take great pride in collaborating with the 1st Phorm team and this challenge was no exception.” – Nathan Maurer, President of Cocre8 Interiors.

As 1st Phorm’s business continues to flourish, so does their workspace. The new space is more than a building—it’s a testament to their commitment to excellence. If you’re interested in elevating your workspace and fostering collaboration, reach out to Nathan and the team to schedule a walkthrough.

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