Returning to the Workplace: One CEO on a Right and Wrong Way

"There's real energy that transfers when you're together."

A CEO who specializes in making workplaces work to best suit companies, employees, and the form and function of teams speaks on whether or not he think the modern person will be working in a shared company workspace soon or in the future.

Click above to see the video. The short version? Humans have a desire to be together and form bonds, and within the right construct and circumstances there’s value for both employers and individuals to be in the same space and collaborate.

If a “Return to Work” mandate is forced, he believes it’s likely destined to fail.

He talks about the path forward as a “Deserved Trust Environment.” We specialize in building open and inviting environments, with multipurpose and hybrid workspaces so people choose to spend time in the office for bursts of collaborative energy and problem solving.

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