Top US Furniture ManufacturerBuilds Case Study Spotlighting COCRE8 Project

Top US Furniture Manufacturer Builds Case Study Spotlighting Cocre8 Project The Cocre8 Team is honored that one of our top American furniture providers, OFS, chose to highlight a recent design and furnishing project at the 1st Phorm Headquarters. “When we started working with 1st Phorm leadership, their vision, passion, and commitment to create a world-class headquarters inspired us.  We knew this was a special opportunity to breathe their brand essence into the look and feel – and to create a working environment that sparks excellence.  OFS has been a strong

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The World and Workforce is Changing.  Build a Modern Workplace.  Part 2:  Rethink Form and Function

The World and Workforce is Changing. Build a Modern Workplace. Part 2: Rethink Form and Function The modern workforce is changing, with greater value placed on flexibility and meaningful work. To attract and retain top talent, companies need to rethink the workspace they offer employees. An engaging workplace motivates employees to do their best work, resulting in increased productivity. Designing a modern workplace requires research and planning – determining what your employees value and finding the best way to provide that. Don’t spend a fortune on couches and a ping

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