Cocre8-ers In Action: White Flag Church

Welcome to White Flag

When asked about White Flag’s vision and requirements for the space, Executive Director Brian Gardner said:

We wanted a space that would first and foremost honor God. Beyond that, we wanted it to be a timeless building that our members would be proud of and would be a perfect venue for the Good News to be shared for generations to come – long after any of us who built it or paid for it are alive!

To help fulfill this vision, Brian and the White Flag leadership team brought together an architect, an interior design firm, and Cocre8 Interiors.

“White Flag wanted their members and guests to feel comfortable, almost like being in their own homes,” said Nathan Maurer, President of Cocre8 Interiors. “We worked together to plan and build groups of soft seating options, even sofas, plus softer overall textures like leathers and fabrics that were comfortable—but also commercial grade so they will last years of people enjoying the space.”

"Cocre8 helped us bring the vision of our new building to life, and the furniture they procured for us is regularly praised by our congregation."

The project called for several different environments under—and beyond—one roof:

  1. A cafe with different functioning spaces: bankettes like a restaurant, soft seating groups with rocking chairs like a living room, high-top tables for more casual dining and discussion. 

  2. A hearth room: cozy, feels almost like a ski lodge in the St. Louis suburbs.

  3. An outdoor patio-like space as an extension of the cafe: outdoor-rated, commercial-grade furniture including couches, cushioned club chairs, picnic tables, and high-top tables 

  4. Several multi-function spaces: a green room with a lounge feel and a conference table and a fireplace, plus lots of meeting and collaboration areas for small groups, clubs, performers, and more.


Many projects include challenges. Gardner went on to say:

We started the project right before Covid hit – so the first challenge was to raise the funds necessary during a pandemic. Then it we had to deal with the post-pandemic impacts on supply chains, labor availability, and cost escalations.

Nathan and Denise worked closely with our interior designer and building team to execute the design and also manage the installation process. 

And it didn’t stop there – they’ve been great in making sure any issues from the delivery and installation process were rectified wholly and quickly. 

But we remained focused on the vision God gave us for the facility and leaned into trusting Him to deliver on His promises – and He did!

What can we COCRE8 Together?

Brian Garder

"Whether you’re remodeling an existing space or building a new one, I would encourage any company to work with Cocre8!" - Brian Gardner, Executive Director

"We are thrilled White Flag gave us the opportunity to collaborate together and bring their vision to life. Such a beautiful space!" -Nathan Maurer, President

Nathan Maurer