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Keeping Multiple Generations Happy in the Modern Office Environment
Does your company have two or more generations working together in the same office environment? If so, meeting the needs of each generation to keep them all happy and collaborative can be a challenge.  Jeff Pochepan, President of Strong Project, Inc. wrote an article for Inc. Magazine taking a look at creating an office environment that meets the need of Baby Boomers, Gen X'ers and Millenials.  In this age of modularity and flexibility it can be done!  To read the article click here.

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The Rise of the "Third Place" in the Workspace
The average American worker spends 88 waking hours at home or the office each week, and another 16 socializing and on outside entertainment.  It's no wonder then, that employees are seeking similar spaces in and out of the workspace to get more work done.  Besides home and the office, employees need a third place to get their work done.  - Jeff Pochepan, President -  Strong Project Inc. For workers not tied to an office, they seek out places with free wi-fi and to engage with others to be inspired and collaborate.  It's n...

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Out Of This World Bench Seating

Posted on September 10, 2019 in: News

Out Of This World Bench Seating
The office environment is constantly changing.  Inscape has launched RockIt; a benching system that adapts with your organization.  Because no two companies, no two offices and certainly no two people have the same needs, the bench system was designed with office flexibility at its core.  This means you can set it up for collaboration or focused work, and you can do more with less.  Watch this video to explore the world of RockIt.   

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Office Furniture Expert Joins COCRE8 Interiors Team as Strategic Workplace Consultant
St. Louis, MO – Carol Eckhoff joins the COCRE8 Interiors team as its new Strategic Workplace Consultant.  Prior to joining COCRE8 Interiors, Carol was a Business Development Manager for Indoff, a national distributor of material handling, commercial interiors, promotional products, printing solutions and energy efficient appliances.   As the office environment industry has evolved, the need for experienced, strategic workplace professionals is in more demand than ever.  Carol brings broad, proven and successful strategies to end-users and facili...

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