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The Keys To An Open Office Design

Posted on November 15, 2019 in: News

The Keys To An Open Office Design
Success or failure of an open office design resides on a multitude of factors.  No two office environments are alike just as no two company cultures are identical.  In fact, the mere concept of open office design means something different to just about everyone.  According to a recent article in Interiors+Sources Magazine, “Even the companies that fully embrace the open office concept still need enclosed or semi-enclosed areas for group collaboration, private conversations and individual work. It’s a good idea to start the design process by unders...

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Which is more important in your office design? Time or Flexibility
We recently came across this article written in 2018 by Ioana N. Pieleanu with Acentech, a U.S. Audio Visual and Sound System consulting and design firm.  As a space planner and Inscape Walls dealer, one of the biggest issues facing our clients is is providing the needed balance between Time & Flexibility with expansion and contraction of modern offices.  Demountable walls provide for both.  However, the misconceptions and concerns about demountable glass walls (usually relating to poor acoustics) are unfounded with today'...

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