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Office Furniture Trends For 2020

Posted on January 07, 2020 in: News

If the start of a new decade is anything like the past two, the office furniture industry is in for a wild ride!  Just like technology, office furniture trends are changing quickly and 2020 will not be any different.  In fact, technology will play a major part in office furniture design just as it has in office space design.  We’re not just talking about new lines here, either.  Major manufacturers have full time engineers incorporating those “things” that a modern office environment demands.  The good news is, though, that these demands are allowing offices to look amazing, offer the comforts of home and still produce great work and productivity from employees.Standing Desk Furniture in St. Louis 

So, what are the top trends in office furniture we see for this year and beyond?

Stand Up for Yourself

Height adjustable desks aren’t new, but their popularity will exponentially grow in 2020 and beyond.   No one likes to sit at a desk all day, besides its bad for posture.  Not to mention it saves employers money on chiropractor visits and lost time for employees.  Allowing people to adjust their desks at various times of the day and for what they need to be doing, helps alleviate all kinds of issues with trying to stay comfortable.  Did we mention studies are beginning to show that employees who use height adjustable desks tend to be more productive? 

Out in The OpenOpen Space Office Furniture in St. Louis

When one thinks of the cartoon strip Dilbert© by Scott Adams, the idea of working in drab, closed-in cubicle comes to mind.  Not any longer thanks to open plan workstations.  Business owners and employees alike want the ability to be social while working.  In fact, we have written numerous articles discussing collaboration in the workplace.  While there used to be major concerns about productivity and efficiency, employers have learned to trust employees to do their jobs without putting them into silos.  This trend is here to stay because owners and employees are finally reaping the rewards of employee engagement, retention and productivity offering new insights into a holistic approach to business. 

Ergonomics 101Ergonomic Office Furniture St. Louis

Businesses are starting to see short- & long-term health benefits to providing ergonomic office furniture for employees.  Health benefits trickle down to the bottom line with less lost time, fewer doctor visits, lower work comp claims and more productivity, just to name a few.  Studies reveal that ergonomics is important in assisting employees and the amount of ergonomic seating options have grown incredibly over the past few years. 

Come Together, Right Now…Huddle Space Furniture in St. Louis

While technically not furniture, huddle spaces and other collaboration areas need to be planned out, because impromptu meetings occur frequently in business today.  Not all spaces require a large conference room and collaboration space allows for a gathering spot when the conference room(s) is/are occupied.  However, the furniture and technology that goes into these spaces should reflect the type of use for that space, as well as the culture of your company.   

Skip the GymTreadmill Desk in St. Louis

The times of the sedentary work setting is over.  One of the fastest growing types of furniture is known as “Active Office Furniture” and includes such types as treadmill desks, desk bikes, balance boards, individual trampolines, chair balls that engage the core and force proper sitting posture, and much more.  These allow employees to be actively moving while they are working and to engaging in their own health while at work.


If A Tree FallsCustom Conference Table in St. Louis

Live Edge Tables are quickly becoming a wise investment and aesthetic way to spruce up a conference room, while creating a bit of sustainability for the office.  Live edge is a style of furniture that is custom made and incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design.  Often this wood has a gnarly aspect to it because it can come from salvaged wood and cannot be used in traditional woodworking.  When they are finished, they bring a distinction and interesting flair to any space.

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