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Creating Millenial Friendly Offices

Posted on October 22, 2019 in: News

Attracting and retaining talent has become an incredibly difficult proposition for many businesses lately.  Record low unemployment and a changing workforce with multiple generations trying to work in an environment functional for each requires that your workspace be well planned and multi-functional and modern.

Millenials are having the greatest impact on workspace design.  Global market and opinion research specialist, IPSOS, recently stated that 76% of millennials aged 18-34 “feel somewhat or very strongly that office design and aesthetics influences their impression of a company.”  Outside of design and aesthetics, many other factors are equally absorbent in the workforce including areas with a concentration on health & wellness such as gyms, yoga studios and meditation areas.  Ergonomics are also playing a pivotal health & wellness role with sit-stand applications, treadmill desks, and workout ball office chairs.

It's not all about design, aesthetics and health in the workplace.   After all, the work still has to be completed. But, more of it is being completed in modular, open, and collaborative spaces - with the keyword being modular.  Businesses must be even more diligent with resources and must remain flexible with growth & contraction in the marketplace.  Panelized benching systems allow for efficient and flexible configurations for individual and collaborative workspaces.  Huddle spaces allow 2-4 individuals to have a quick meeting in a small conference room that is typically framed out by a demountable glass wall system.  Booth or pod systems create the feel of a more private setting allowing for private phone calls or semi-private meeting spaces in an open area.

Each generation has made its own impact on the workplace. With millennials accounting for over a third of the current workforce and leading some of the most important innovations in business, it’s important to understand how they prefer to work and create environments that will attract them to your company, This will allow employers to attract and retain the top talent.

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